Best Nature Escapes from Hanoi for Christmas and New Year

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Best Nature Escapes from Hanoi for Christmas and New Year

Posted date: 12/23/2019 1:14:48 AM

Between traffic nightmares, smog inhalation and the perennial soundtrack of construction work, Hanoi can indeed seem like a bit much at times. Luckily, the position of the capital in northern Vietnam is one that gives it easy access to immense nature comprising some of the best throughout the country. The mountain attractions of northern Vietnam are well documented, but with these come the lakes, beaches, waterfalls, rivers, and farms that comprise some of the best nature escapes from Hanoi. This is 1 of those, presented by Mai Chau Ecolodge, a top-rated and luxury eco-accommodation in Mai Chau.

It may be one of the furthest nature destinations from Hanoi mentioned in this list, but Mai Chau is a sanctuary of authentic Vietnamese countryside and the extra effort to get here is richly rewarded. This is a valley of strong green hues and outstanding topography, where fields of rice blanket the floor and mountains dressed in trees rise up at their sides. Just a 3-hour drive separates the capital of the Vietnamese with the humble villages of the Thai, Dao and H’mong, three of Vietnam’s 53 ethnic groups with long ties to the land and attractive living arrangements in wooden stilt houses.
Places to Visit in Mai Chau 
  • Hoa Binh Lake – It usually comes as a huge surprise to tourists cruising around Hoa Binh Lake that this is Southeast Asia’s largest artificial lake. The limestone mountains, caves and inlets look and feel 100% natural, and this beautiful water body in the north of Mai Chau is often referred to as the ‘mini Halong Bay’. Thac Bo Temple squats on one of the outcrops of Hoa Binh Lake and gives one of the best nature trips outside of Hanoi a dash of revered religion.

  • Go Lao Waterfall – Mai Chau’s water attractions don’t stop at Hoa Binh Lake. Close by is Go Lao Waterfall, a stunning feat of nature in the middle of Mai Chau’s incredible rainforest. Go Lao thunders from high above and creates a spectacular scene, one in which more adventurous visitors could opt for a swim. There are plenty of beautiful Thai stilt homes to admire en route to the waterfall and the subsequent road running alongside Hoa Binh Lake.

  • Na Phon Village and Surrounds – In Mai Chau, traditional stilt house architecture often draws as much adulation as nature. The tall, wooden houses of the Thai, Dao and H’mong ethnicities seem to fit perfectly into the overall scene of Mai Chau; most likely because they have been here for centuries and have changed very little in their appearance since they were built. Na Phon and some of the villages around it feature such architecture in abundance. 
Anyone looking for Vietnam’s best nature escapes will find their answer in Mai Chau. Here, Mai Chau Ecolodge offers some of the most popular and most trusted accommodation, situated amongst the gorgeous stilt homes of Na Phon village. We use traditional Thai architecture throughout our luxury eco-resort in Mai Chau’s gorgeous valley and offer all destinations mentioned here on our Mai Chau tours 

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